dtc innovation

Designing Technology for the Commons.

dtc innovation is a non-profit and capital-free company. We would like to share with you what is our DNA.



We do what we say. We magnify your request according to our vision.


Open Source is a default. We give back to the Commons.


We document what we do. You tap into it. For free.


We create our own protective, gentle and work environment.


The section below is in French only.

dtc innovation est une association de loi 1901 à caractère commercial et à gestion intéressée.

Éléments constitutifs

Vie courante

  1. Assemblée générale constitutive du 16 septembre 2016
  2. Assemblée Générale Exceptionnelle 10 février 2017
  3. Assemblée Générale Exceptionnelle 28 Juin 2017

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