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Designing Technology for the Commons.

Our Value Proposition

Modern ways of writing web and non-web applications with the Node.js platform. We also design a modern publishing workflow and authoring tooling.

About Learning Node.js

We design and author a programming book about the Node.js platform with France’s #1 programming publishing house Eyrolles.

We use this opportunity to rethink how authors, readers and editors interact together.

Designing the Right Content

Writing technical content is useful only if it is useful and in line with readers expectations of the technical environment.

We travel through France during 3 months to meet with developers and get a better understanding of their day to day practices to tailor explainations and examples.

An Open Documentation Approach

The book content is made available during the writing process to gather a community around it and to collect feedbacks before the book goes to press.

The daily standup hooks on people interests while local meetups enable us to share the knowledge and experience of a book writing experience is.

Towards a Modern Web Publishing Toolchain

We got inspired by O’Reilley authors like Axel Rauschmayer to move from the locked-in experience of Word or LibreOffice to embrace a GitHub combined with the Asciidoctor toolchain.

The content is derived to be distributed as a bookbound book, HTML website, eBook and even as an npm package.

Feel free to stay in touch

You can reach us on our Slack channel or by email. We will do our best to respond to you within the next business hours — although we might be on the field with a limited connectivity.

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