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Our Value Proposition

Provide business metrics to recycling centers to help them reduce waste in their local area.

About Région Nouvelle Aquitaine Six Elements

We design and prototype open hardware sensors and web applications to help recycling centers to scale and anticipate their waste collection logistics.

Ultimately we empower users by recommending specialised collection venues, either recycling centers, charities, DIY labs or tailored upcycling shops which would give a second life to non-working objects.

User Estimation Sensors

We design and deploy Wi-Fi data collection sensors in recycling centers to estimate the number of people coming in and out as well as their queuing time.

The data are anonymously collected and munged together to indicate on a web application the busyness of any of the equiped recycling centers.

Recycling Centers Dashboard

The sensors are equiped with an embedded touch screen to let the recycling centers agents manage the filling state of each container. It enable them to save time and improve the logistics of the container collection.

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