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Our Value Proposition

Provide a lean and empowering access of the public budget to citizens and local administration.

About Département de la Gironde Public Finance Transparency

We design and develop open source software and graphic materials for the Gironde county in order to illustrate their annual budget and financial report.

The aim is to deliver a reusable and editorialised datavisualisation based on an open dataset.

Public Budget Parser

French counties publish their annual budget and financial report under the M52 standard. We designed it to be a standalone NodeJS and JavaScript library.

We use the M52 library to validate, to lint and to help the department of finance to improve the quality of the dataset.

Editorial Focus

We organise user testing sessions to get an understanding of possible audience expectations and to validate a few hypothesis.

We facilitate focus groups with county agents to reflect their mission and financial report in order to match user expectations.

Datavisualisation Components

We use React and the Redux pattern to drive the user interface with data and user interactions.

Editorial content is managed with a collaborative spreadsheet which becomes a datasource of the React application.

Feel free to stay in touch

You can reach us on our Slack channel or by email. We will do our best to respond to you within the next business hours — although we might be on the field with a limited connectivity.

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